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It can be very simple and quick for people to create websites – good websites and bad websites.

What can you do if you encounter a bad website? Bad in this case doesn’t mean something you don’t like but a website that is a scam or misleading or steals your personal information or is a copy of someone else’s website, contain dangerous or offensive material etc.

Where Can You Report a Bad Website?

You can report a bad website to the authorities and to the main search engines such as Google, to anti scam warning websites and to review websites.

The internet has made it easier than ever before to complain about poor customer service or warn others of a scam. If other people have encountered problems in the past they will often show in the search results.


Report to Search Engines

Report the Site to Google Safe Browsing:  Check first to see if the site is already flagged. If not you can submit the site on this page.


The Google Safe Browsing blacklist is also used for Chromium Browsers, Safari, and Firefox.

 Google say they receive over ,5000 such reports each week. is for reporting phishing pages to Google


To rport a site to Internet Explorer- if you are running IE and are still on the site in question, then click on the Safety icon, which is in your toolbar, go to "SmartScreen Filter" and select "Report unsafe website".



PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet.

It makes its data available to developers so they can incorporate checks into their software.

Reporting a malicious site to Phish Tank means it will be available to a lot of online services.



There are various Internet sites that maintain a list of malicious websites – ‘blacklists’. Some use the information for their own products only and some share the data so others can be warned about the bad sites.

Many of these blacklist are ownerd by the anti-virus and anti0malware makers. These include:-

  • Malwarebytes
  • Sophos
  • McAfee
  •  Norton
  • BitDefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Web Security Guard


 Scam Warning Sites

 There are numerous sites that warn people about bad websites that are part of a scam operation and you can report any scam sites. These warning sites include:-

  •  Fightback Ninja
  • Scam Busters
  • Scam Aware
  • Scam Warners
  • Malware Domain List
  •  Badwarebusters


These sites can publicise the names of bad websites and thereby warn people away from them.


Review Sites

There are various review websites that allow you to enter information, reviews, comments on websites and businesses – to help others make informed choices. Here’s a few:-

Web of Trust

  1.  Trust Wave
  2. Consumeraffair
  3. Better Business Bureau

 In conclusion, if you find a ‘bad’ website – do report it so as to warn others. If it seems dangerous or offensive then report to the authorities. Otherwise, you may want to report it to the search engines, the scam warning sites or review sites.

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