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There is a huge number of people and businesses sending out spam emails about website development,  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and promotions.

These people seem to believe that because it’s easy to send out huge volumes of email, they must get lots of business from it. Wrong. The sheer number of these emails sent out means that everyone who might want such services is bombarded with this spam and almost everyone ignores it.

Many of these emails are badly written and amateurish, but there are also well written sales pitches such as:-

An email from a Leona Carter to Brooklands radio station offering to build a web promotions strategy with us to further develop our online presence.

It sounds positive then comes the negative part where they try to convince us that there are problems we must fix (and hence contract the sender to do the work)

1 "Your website seems to be attracting traffic but this is stagnant and limited and you are losing potential sales”.

This is irrelevant as we are not in the business of attracting traffic as she puts it – we want listeners to our radio station which is very different.

2. “Your website doesn’t feature in Google’s first search page for some of the major keywords in your niche”.

This is true but again irrelevant.  The people who want to listen to Brooklands Radio will type in Brooklands Radio in Google and hence find us straightaway.

3. "Your website has been diagnosed with coding issues." 

This is probably true – not all of the pages perfectly comply with the latest W3C rules and SEO best practice. Again, this is largely irrelevant.

4 "Your website is not being currently promoted online.”

Quite correct. That’s our choice not to promote it. We concentrate on producing radio programmes not on marketing a website and know that marketing the website won’t get us more  listeners.

 5 "Your presence in social media platform is minimal.”

Not true. We have a good presence on Twitter as that works for us and less presence on Facebook and other social media platforms as they don't work so well for us.


These five “problems” are just standard content in the email – the sender didn’t look at our website or our business.

Finally, they offer a free website audit.

That may sound a good idea and for some it would provide useful information. But for many it would just give a list of apparent problems without them understanding which are actual problems and which are irrelevant.


All together there is nothing of interest to Brooklands Radio in this email, - it’s just a well written sales pitch.

We’re a volunteer organisation hence we don’t pay for services – we do everything ourselves where possible.

If we did want to use an outside contractor then we would search and compare companies for what we wanted – we would NEVER respond to such emails.

In the email discussed above, Leona Carter has a Gmail address meaning she is a lone worker, not part of an established company – to be avoided.


If you want these kinds of services, then put in the time to find the right company to work with and do not respond to these spam emails. 

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