Google has created a comprehensive safety centre for anyone to access.


The main categories of information are:-

·         For everyone

·         For Family

·         Safety Tools

·         Partners

·         Resources

Topics for 'Everyone' include:- Secure your passwords, Signing in and out, Managing multiple accounts, Check your Gmail settings, Use secure networks, Lock your screen or device, Keep your device clean, and Online shopping safety

Topics for ‘Families’ include: - Family safety basics, Keep your data secure and Tips from parents at Google


The most comprehensive and possible most important area is the safety tools Google have made available including:-

·         Report inappropriate SafeSearch results

·         Flag questionable content

·         Report offensive content

·         Keep Hangouts safe for everyone

·         Help keep the blogosphere safe for all

·         Use Parental controls to filter apps by content rating

·         Set it and forget it. Keep Safety Mode locked

·         Set a filter to keep inappropriate content out

·         Get family-friendly results from Search

·         Prevent accidental or unwanted purchases

·         Manage YouTube Comments

·         Share videos with just the right audience

·         Control the chatter about your videos

·         Stop unwanted comments or tags

·         Choose whose updates that you see in your stream

·         Limit access to just approved apps and games

·         Control what your family sees on the Web

·         Make your Google Account even more secure

·         Keep prying eyes off your device

·         Locate your device remotely, even if it's lost or stolen

·         Browse the web in private

·         Your Google Account, your way

·         Manage the data stored in your Google Account

·         Get an alert if your name appears on the web

·         Share posts and photos with the right people

·         Enjoy private conversations with people in your circles

·         Your data, to go

·         Private screening or world premiere? Your choice

·         Manage how your data is shared

·         See where you’ve been

·         Manage your ads preferences

·         Share your Chromebook with a friend

·         Clear your browsing history

·         Control information that is sent to Google

·         Report inappropriate apps

·         Check an app's content rating


Make good use of Google resources in the fight against unsuitable content, dangerous content and unsafe software.


Stay Safe.


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